CMA Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. 
Employment with CMA Services, Inc.:

Are you at least 18 years of age?
Do you have reliable transportation to and from work?
In the area below, fill in the hours you are available to work on each day of the week. If you are not available, please indicate with “N/A.” Note that CMA staffs positions at all times. Fill in the applicable range, such as 24 hours a day, between 6 a.m. and midnight, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., etc. 

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Minorities, Females, Disabled, and Veterans
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Answering “Yes” to this question does not automatically disqualify you as an applicant. If yes, explain in detail:
May we contact your present employer?
If now employed, why do you desire to change?
Have you EVER been discharged or forced to resign from any job?
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List your last three employers, starting with your current or most recent employer. 

Month and Year
Name, Address, and Phone Number
Reason for Leaving
Provide three persons as additional references. These references should not be relatives.

We at CMA Services, Inc. do our very best to employ honorable and respectable people. Therefore we require ALL 
applicants to provide a certified police background check within two weeks of submitting an application. We will not 
accept background checks that are certified more than 30 days prior to submitting your application with CMA Services, 
Inc. ​
*Applicant's Initials:
It is understood and agreed that any misrepresentation by me in this application will be cause for cancellation of this 
application or separation from my job if I have been employed. I understand that employment with this company is at-will, 
meaning that I am free to resign at any time and that the employer may terminate my employment at any time with or 
without cause or prior notice. I understand that no representative of CMA Services, Inc. has the authority to make any 
assurances to the contrary. I give CMA Services, Inc. the right to investigate all references and to secure additional job 
related information about me. I release from liability CMA Services, Inc. and its representatives for seeking such 
information, and all persons, corporations and organizations for furnishing such information. I understand that this 
application will be current for 120 days from the Submission Date. If I have not heard from the CMA Services, Inc. within 
120 days and still want to be considered for employment, then I understand I will need to reapply for employment. 

*Electronic Signature:
CMA Services, Inc. is a federal contractor under the applicable federal laws and regulations. Part of our duties as a federal contractor is to maintain records relevant to the goals set out in our Affirmative Action Plan about applicants. Therefore, we invite you to help us achieve our goals by completing and submitting this form with your application.

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